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    Sensi Touch 2 front 78 degrees cooling


    Sensi™ Touch 2 smart thermostat

    The Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat is the next evolution of smart thermostats by Copeland. With a new modern design, glass LCD touchscreen, enhanced user experience, and compatibility with room sensors, this thermostat proves why Sensi smart...

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  • MA-25, Black

    Medify AIr

    MA-25, Black

    The bestselling MA-25 combines design and technology for the perfect tabletop air purifier. Ideal for medium-sized rooms in homes, apartments, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, dental offices, restaurants, and more. Removes 99.9% of harmful...

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    ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium set to 78 cooling


    ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

    Saving energy is just the beginning with ecobee’s all-new Smart Thermostat Premium Harmonize your savings and comfort while also taking care of your home's health and security needs with the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium. SmartSensor...

    MSRP: $249.99
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    Honeywell Home T9 set on the 78 degrees cooling

    Honeywell Home

    T9 Smart Thermostat with Sensor

    Sense the temperatures in the places that matter most with the T9 Smart Thermostat. Focus on the rooms you choose by adding Smart Room Sensors and setting a schedule or let the sensors respond to your lifestyle. The T9 Smart Thermostat works with...

    MSRP: $209.99
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